To the authers
The scientific journal “Vector GeoNauk” publishes articles of scientific and practical interest.
Articles sent to the editors must meet the following requirements:
1. The article should be presented in one copy, set out in a condensed form by a rigorous scientific language (the structure of the article includes an introduction, goals and objectives, methods, results, conclusions), carefully edited. Attached to the manuscript are a license agreement filled out and signed by the author for the publication of the article and the author’s statement.
According to the IV Part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which has come into effect, to publish an article in a journal when it is electronically posted on the Internet and to respect copyright, it is necessary to conclude a written license agreement with the author.
The author (a group of authors represented by one author) fills in, signs a contract and an act, sends it to the journal’s editorial board along with the article complete with other documents.
2. The manuscript is signed by all authors.
3. The manuscript should be printed in 12 size, on white paper, after 1 interval with margins 2 cm wide, without blots and inserts. The length of the article is up to 15 pages (Example of the article). In the manuscript it is necessary to make references to the tables, figures and literary sources cited in the article. Tables should have thematic headings, not be cumbersome and not duplicate text and pictures.
4. The captions in the figures must correspond to the designations in the text. The designations in the text, in the formulas and figures in the letters of the Latin alphabet should be in italics, Russian and Greek – in regular type. Figures should be in * .jpg format and be in the text (“Text Wrap → in the Text”). Caption inscriptions are plain text, NOT IN WRITING.
5. References should contain all the works cited and referred to in the text as they are mentioned in the text and should be in accordance with GOST R (design example) and consist of at least 10 positions. References to works in print are not allowed, as well as to literature older than 2003. When referring to a literary source, the text contains a serial number in square brackets: [1] or [2 … 6]. For own work should be no more than 30% of the links of the total.
6. No abbreviations of words, names, names, as a rule, are not allowed (except for common abbreviations). The abbreviation must be disclosed at the first mention in the text. In the names of the use of abbreviations is not allowed.
7. The article should be typed in the format * .doc sent by e-mail:
8. An article that does not meet the listed requirements is returned to the authors for revision. The date of receipt is the day of receipt of the final version of the article.
9. Additions and inserts in proofs after layout are not allowed.
10. The editorial staff reserves the right to make abbreviations and editorial changes to manuscripts.
11. The expert opinion is drawn up according to the established form in the organization of the authors in two copies.
12. The originality of the articles should be at least 70% when tested in the Antiplagiat system.
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