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Vektor GeoNauk
It is published since 2018
About Journal

Peer-reviewed journal «Vektor GeoNauk» is created in 2018. ISSN 2619-0761(online version). The journal is published in digital format.

Establisher and editor of the journal is Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shoukhov.
The goal of the journal is assistance to improving of quality when specialists training according to strategic areas of state politics oriented on state attestation of research and academic stuff of high school.
The journal accepts an original research papers concerning fundamental and applied geodesy, land management and cadaster.

Articles are accepted within the following groups of specialties «Earth science»:
25.00.01 General and regional geology
25.00.02 Paleontology and stratigraphy
25.00.03 Geotectonics and geodynamics
25.00.04 Petrology, volcanology
25.00.05 Mineralogy, crystallography
25.00.06 Lithology
25.00.07 Geohydrology
25.00.08 Geological engineering, cryopedology, soil science
25.00.09 Geochemistry, geochemical methods of mineral exploration
25.00.10 Geophysics, geophysical methods of mineral exploration
25.00.11 Geology, exploration of solid minerals, minerageny
25.00.12 Geology, exploration of oil and gas oilfields
25.00.13 Mineral processing
25.00.14 Technology and technics for geological exploration
25.00.15 Drilling technology and well development
25.00.16 Metallurgical and petroleum field geology, geophysics, mining geodesy and geometry of mineral resources
25.00.17 Oil and gas field development and operation
25.00.18 Technology of opening of offshore fields
25.00.19 Construction and exploitation of oil-and-gas pipeline, bases and reservoirs
25.00.20 Geomechanics, rock destruction, mining aerogasdynamics and mining thermophysics
25.00.21 Theoretical basis for designing of mine engineering
25.00.22 Geotechnology (underground, open, construction)
25.00.23 Physiography and biogeography biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry
25.00.24 Economic, social, politic and recreational geography
25.00.25 Geomorphology and evolutionary geography
25.00.26 Agricultural regulation, cadaster and monitoring of lands
25.00.27 Land hydrology, water resources, hydrochemistry
25.00.28 Oceanology
25.00.29 Science of atmosphere and hydrosphere
25.00.30 Meteorology, climatology, agrometeorology
25.00.31Glaciology and criology of the Earth
25.00.32 Geodesy
25.00.33 Cartography
25.00.34 Air-space Earth exploration, metrophotography
25.00.35 Geoinformatics
25.00.36 Geoecology (branch-wise)

The journal is included into the Russian Science Citation Index and Google Scholar database.
The publishes 4 issues a year.
Full-text versions are in open access are presented at the following web-sites: and
Publication in the journal is free.
The decisions of the editorial board are made by a majority vote of the members present.
Members of the editorial board are involved in the scientific editing of articles under the instruction of the deputy of Editor-in-Chief.

The editorial staff prepares for the publication of the journal, provides registration of incoming materials, peer review, correspondence with the authors, sends out proofreading, forms the content of each issue of the magazine and prepares the author’s originals and original layout of the issue of the magazine.
It’s monitors compliance with the requirements for the design of manuscripts of articles in accordance with the rules for authors.

Placing the article in the journal on its official website is a confirmation of the publication.

Copyrights are preserved in accordance with international rules.
The authors of the articles are absolutely responsible for the content of the articles.
1) is not responsible for the falsity of published data;
2) is not liable to authors and/or third parties and organizations for possible damage caused by the publication of the article;
3) has a right to withdraw an already published article if it turns out that someone’s rights or generally accepted standards of scientific ethics have been violated. The editorial staff will inform the author of the article, the reviewer, and the organization in which the research was carried out, about the fact of the deletion of the article.

The rules for submitting articles and requirements for their design are posted on the official website of the journal at
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