Vol.4. #3

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Geology, prospecting, exploration and exploitation of oil and gas fields
Aslanzade, F.B. 3D facial modelling via MPS (Multiple Point Geostatistics Simulation) method on the example of the Fasila formation of the productive series of the Bahar field, western boundary of the South Caspian basin

Development and operation of oil and gas fields
Mustafaev, S.D., Kyazimov, F.K. Plane-parallel motion of various incompressible immiscible liquids according to different filtration laws

Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
Kovalyova, E.V., Vasiliev, D.V. Ecological state of industrial-urbanized territories on the example of the Belgorod region

Shirina, N.V., Vorogovskaya, I.Yu., Spevakov, B.S. Transport reform of the Belgorod agglomeration

Khabarov, D.A., Khabarova, I.A., Kondrat`ev, M.A. Proposals to improve the efficiency of the implementation of cadastre works

Kovalyova, E.V., Maslova, A.G., Zatolokina, N.M. Analysis of interdepartmental interaction of structures in the field of land and property relations in the management of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities

Danilenko, E.P., Dudina, A.A. Creation of artificial land plots: world experience

Shirina, N.V., Dudina, A.A. Special economic zones – an element of the high-tech Russian economy

Fedorenko, M.N., Kovalyova, E.V. Problems of protection of agricultural land on the territory of the Belgorod region


Oznamets, V.V. Development of geodetic support in the context of digital transformation of society

Geoinformatics, cartography
Tsvetkov, V.Ya. Determination of coordinates based on distance measurements

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