Vol.4. #2

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Geology, prospecting, exploration and exploitation of oil and gas fields
Aslanov, B.S., Khuduzade, A.I., Aslanzade, F.B. Results of stages of tectonic development by geophysical methods (on the example of the vicinity of the Kura Depression, Azerbaijan)

Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
Zatolokina, N.M., Kalugin, A.S.б Technical inventory of real estate objects

Shirina, N.V., Kononov, A.A., Taranenko, S.V. The profession of land surveyor in the labor market: the state and problems of supply and demand

Andina, V.A., Chikin, N.V., Kovalyova, E.V. Analysis of illegal construction facilities in the Krasnodar Territory and ways to solve them

Ovcharenko, M.A., Zatolokina, N.M. Factors affecting the organization of a disturbed urban area

Spevakov, B.S., Vorogovskaya, I.Yu., Shirina, N.V., Kolmykova, I.V. Analysis of specially protected natural territories of the Belgorod region and the city of Belgorod

Salnikova, O.N., Balyk, V., Kapustina, D.D. Environmental monitoring of water pollution in the Belgorod region based on remote sensing data

Kovalyova, E.V., Gugulyan, K.А. Comparative experience of farming in Germany and Russia

Zatolokina, N.M., Baryshenskaya O.N. Alternative use of water bodies as transport routes on the example of the city of Belgorod and the Belgorod region

Land hydrology, water resources, hydrochemistry
Sambaev, N.S. Ionic-salt composition of biotopes of the Small Aral Sea

Oznamets, V.V., Tsvetkov, V.Ya. Geodetic support of a linear accelerator

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