Vol.6. #1

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Ahmedov T.R., Agayeva М.А., The joint application of attribute analysis of 3D data and geophysical well research (GWR) to solvestructural (kinematic) problems (in the example of the Kurovdag field)

Rushanov F.F., Ahmedov T.R. Identification and tracking of disjunctive dislocations in Lower Pliocene deposits by use of attribute analysis of 3D seismic data (in the example of the Kurovdag field)

Ismailov F.Yu., Ahmedov T.R. Splitting the section of the Khylly area into reservoir and non-reservoir intervals by combining (сomplexing) well logging and seismic survey data

Geology, prospecting, exploration and exploitation of oil and gas fields
Alibekova E.T. Identification and tracking of small -amplitude tectonic faults by use of seismic attributes in the area Gousans of the Absheron oil and gas region

Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
Zatolokina N.M., Dussap Sabine. Urban planning – a tool for solving urban infrastructure problems in Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince

Kalachuk Т.G., Malyuk D.B. The obligation of the owner of the land share

Zarubin O.A., Baikov D.Yu. The technological process of preparing a description of the location of the boundaries of zones with special conditions for the use of the territory (using the example of a sanitary protection zone)

Zatolokina N.M., Chigrinov M.S. Setting up linear objects for cadastral registration

Egorova K.D., Zarubin O.A., Larina A.V. Digital technologies in complex cadastral works

Kalachuk T.G., Kolmykova I.V., Andryunkina N.A. Rental of real estate on the territory of the city of Belgorod

Dzaparov V.H., Teplyakova A.S., Semelidi A.Kh., Plieva M.T., Kasoeva M.V. To the conversion of technologies for the development of Sadon deposits

Pendyurin E.A., Smolenskaya L.M., Denisova L.V., Maslov A.E. Comparative assessment of the biological activity of zoocompost and typical chernozem

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