Vol.5. #1

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Ahmedov, T.R., Aliyarzade, L.S., Mamedova, A.M. The role of cosmic dust in the formation of strong reflective boundaries (on the example of individual areas of Azerbaijan)

Ahmedov, T.R., Aliyeva, K.F., Mamedova, A.M. Refinement of the geological structure and velocity characteristics of the section by the method of parametric scan of reflections according to seismic data

Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
Shirina, N.V., Gorobenko, A.V., Kononov, A.A. On conducting an experiment on the creation and implementation of a single information resource about land and real estate in the Russian Federation

Gubareva, M.M., Danilenko, E.P. The history of the architectural monument «Shashurin's House» in the city of Belgorod

Khabarov, D.A., Khabarova, I.A., Yavorskaya, I.D. Application of GIS-technologies in urban planning activities and in the performance of cadastre works

Zatolokina, N.M., Enyutina, A.E. Analysis of the development of the territory of the city of Shchigry, Kursk region

Geoinformatics, cartography
Tsvetkov, V.Ya. Determining the coordinates of a rotating object

Oznamets, V.V. Geoinformation field

Gusev, A.P. Integration of phytoindication and geoelectric method for assessing the pollution of the geological environment (by the example of a chemical waste dump)

Stas, V.P., Stas, P.P., Gabaraeva, A.O., Razorenova, E.Yu. Towards the concept of managing complex-structured rock massifs

Pendyurin, E.A., Svyatchenko, A.V., Kiryushina, N.Yu. Method of restoration of disturbed territories

Lepyoshkina M.A. Vertical layout of an industrial site to accommodate an open wood warehouse

Historical outline
Day of geodesy and cartography: the historical path of the profession

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