Evaluation of the efficiency of well operation with sucker-rod pumps at a late stage of field development

Ahmedov I.Z., Taghiyeva S.E., Ahmedov M.l. 

Annotation: in the article, the possibilities of increasing the efficiency of well operation with sucker-rod pumps (SSN) under the influence of high watering and a number of other natural and technical factors characteristic of deposits that are at a late stage of development are investigated. The distribution of the main indicators for the pumps used was comprehensively studied and analyzed. For each of the diameters of the pumps, the average values ​​of the considered parameters were found, after which the total production and the number of underground well repairs were calculated, provided that all the wells work with the same pump diameter. To select the most optimal option, the use of a relative criterion for oil production was proposed. This approach makes it possible to establish such a technological regime that would ensure the minimum number of repairs and maximum oil production.
Key words: well operation, frequency of well repair,sucker-rod pump, oil yield, production indices, diameter of the pumps.

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Ahmedov I.Z., Taghiyeva S.E., Ahmedov M.l., 2018. Evaluation of the efficiency of well operation with sucker-rod pumps at a late stage of field development. Vector of Geosciences. 1(3): 34-39.